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Advocacy involves promoting the interests or cause of someone or a group of people. An advocate is a person who argues for, recommends, or supports a cause or policy. Advocacy is also about helping people find their voice.  The Movement seeks strategies, individuals, and organizations  to meet the social needs of individuals, families and our communities.


Our environments can either support or drain us depending on what we allow into them. Environments include not only our physical living and work spaces, but also our personal relationships, the thoughts that fill our minds and much more. To begin removing barriers, you must begin to make changes to your environment to create a more inspiring space. Sometimes you will need to begin by doing something as simple as rearranging your furniture or accessories, or de-cluttering, to become more aware of your environments and to give your space a lift. Ask yourself: Do my environments support me? What is one change I will make to improve them? 

Confident businessman waiting for an interview


We are not an employment agency but we will help you to get connected to those in position to assist you.  We are made aware of fillable positions but often no individuals to fill them.  We will connect you with resources can lead you to employment. (i.e.

Students Typing at Their Computers

Skills Training

Traditionally, candidates were hired based on their educational background and work experience. Today, the rapid development of technology has significantly decreased the shelf life of formal education and changed hiring requirements. What's your passion?  Get the skills and training you need to step into your destiny. (i.e.


Food Baskets

In Ohio, especially in Lucas County and Toledo, the numbers are stark:

  • In 2018, 13.9% of the population was food insecure, with 18.9% of children experiencing food insecurity. The state was 11 in the US.

  • Estimates for 2020 have pushed Ohio to 10th place, with 18.1% of the population experiencing food insecurity or more than 2 million people.

  • The situation in Lucas County was bleak prior to Covid. In 2018, 15.9% of the population and 22% of children experienced food insecurity. This is primarily because over 61% of this population is below the SNAP (food stamps) poverty definition of 130% of poverty (Poverty was defined at $25,100 for a family of 4 in 2018).

  • The estimate for food insecurity for 2020 for Lucas County is 21.2%.


We will share information when we get commodities to distribute.

Covid Delta Variant

From someone who works at Baptist ER:


With the new variant, Covid Delta, there is no cough, no fever. It's a lot of joint pain, headache, neck and upper back pain, general weakness, loss of appetite, and pneumonia. And of course, more virulent and with a higher mortality rate. It takes less time to go to extremes. Sometimes without symptoms.


Be more careful.  This strain does not live in the naso-pharyngeal region. Now it directly affects the lungs, which means that the 'windows', periods of time are shorter. I have seen several patients without fever, without pain, but who report mild chest pneumonia on their X-rays.


Nasal swab tests are very often negative for Covid-19, and there are more and more false negative results from nasopharyngeal tests. 

This means that the virus spreads and spreads directly to the lungs, causing acute respiratory stress caused by viral pneumonia.


This explains why it has become sharp, more virulent and deadly.


Please, be extremely careful. Avoid crowded places, keep 1.5 distance even in open places, double face masks and wash your hands often(and when we cough or sneeze).


Please no hugs, it is very dangerous at the moment, as almost everyone is asymptomatic. This “wave" is much more deadly than the first, so we have to be VERY careful and take every kind of precaution.


Do not keep this information to

 yourself, share it as much as you can, especially with your friends. 

Ohio Department of Health

Center for Disease Control and Prevention:


Click on the form and enter your information, then click submit. 

Let us advocate on your behalf.  There are resources in place that can assist you.  Choose the form that best describes your need and send it back and we will contact you and proceed from there.
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